Snoqualmie Valley Venturing Crew #115


High Adventure

Formerly known as Snoqualmie Valley Explorer Post #115, we are a non-profit, high adventure, recreational group from Snoqualmie Valley. We are affiliated with Boy Scouts, but we are co-ed and our members range in age from 14-20 (or age 13 w/completion of the 8th grade). We are one of the oldest Venturing Crews around!

Gaining Experience

Our interests include: Sea kayaking in kayaks built by the members! Backpacking, camping, hiking, fishing/shrimping/crabbing, and much more. And of course, community service!


Christmas Tree Lot

Our annual fundraiser: The best Christmas tree lot in the Northwest! Located in Snoqualmie on the corner of Hwy 202 and Snoqualmie Parkway. The success of our lot ensures that anyone can become a member of our group and experience our adventures, regardless of financial status. Parent involvement is also a huge part of our success. The group is led by the members, but we have adult/parent advisors and volunteers and an adult committee.

Learn to push your limits, gain self confidence, meet new friends and explore the Pacific Northwest.



Crew #115 Through the Years…



Established 1987

Snoqualmie Valley Explorer Post #115 was established in 1987. Most members were sons and daughters of blue-collar workers and volunteer firefighters within the Snoqualmie Valley. The first meeting place was at the Snoqualmie Fire Hall.



From Exploring to Venturing

In 2003, Explorer Post 115 became Venturing Crew 115. The annual Christmas Treelot was moved from Bellevue, WA to Snoqualmie, WA.



Current Times

Crew #115 is an established, active venturing crew settled in the foothills of Snoqualmie Valley. The group size ranges from 12-15 youth.


Watch Our Video

“I’ve been in Venturing since I was about 14. The biggest thing I’ve taken away from this is leadership skills. I’ve been able to instill a lot of the qualities of being a leader into my everyday life…”


What to Expect Within Crew #115


Crew #115 plans several technical activities throughout the year that require a high level of teamwork; by the end of each trip, you’ll be feeling like family and comfortable enough to face any fear that arises.



We hike the Olympic Peninsula once a year and add smaller weekend hikes such as Rachel Lake and the Alpine Lakes Wilderness throughout the year.



We focus on personal development activities such as a high ropes COPE course that stands for Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience. Confidence continues to grow as each member progresses year after year.


Each year, our team prepares our fleet of snowmobiles for winter and conducts our safety training program which allows each member to ride their own snowmobile provided by the crew.


Reaching Full Potential

What we try to do is teach kids what their potential is by actually going out and preforming activities and high adventure programs and with a short amount of time, they’re teaching younger kids that come into the crew the same thing.


Sea Kayaking

Crew #115 has a fleet of eight Pygmy (12 seats) sea kayaks, all hand build by the kids themselves. We take pride in maintenance and playing hard in these gorgeous, sea-worthy boats.

We Teach Strengths

We teach strengths that exist within members before they even know their own abilities.



You can expect to have a diverse set of camping experiences when joining Crew #115: camping on the Washington coast, snow camping just outside of Snoqualmie pass, camping along the tides of the San Juan islands, on the bed of Little Lake Kachess and so many more adventurous locations.


Leadership Skills

The leadership skills gained during membership within Crew #115 will support future careers, relationships, college experiences and your life in general. “Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.” -John Maxwell